Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

Hello Class of 2019!

We hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving weekend, whether you are eating, digesting, shopping or just catching up on well-deserved sleep! Since we are now two-thirds of the way through the Fall Term/Semester, it’s a good to take a moment during break to reflect on how you’re doing at Stuyvesant.

The second marking period ended this past Wednesday and report cards will be distributed on Tuesday, 12/8. If you're struggling with a class, there's still time to catch up before the end of the semester. Ask yourself: “What could be changed in order for me to achieve my goals?” Don't get discouraged and give up, since there are a number of possibilities that you can explore in order to improve. Start by going through your classes and thinking about what could be changed: try a new way of studying, talk to the teacher for a possible extra-credit assignment, or ask for help by pairing up with a tutor. ARISTA has an amazing tutoring program with many enthusiastic upperclassmen willing to tutor you. You can find out more about these resources here.

We are also starting class selection for the upcoming semester. If you have any questions about how to plan your classes to fit your specific goals, don't hesitate to reach out to your guidance counselors; they are tremendously helpful! If you need advice about a class or a teacher, feel free to ask your Big Sibs as well.

By now, most of you have started engaging in extra-curriculars and making new friends. The list of clubs and pubs (publications) that you can explore has never been so comprehensive. The SU has been doing a terrific job in expanding the possibilities of new clubs, so you will definitely be able to find one that you like; if you don’t, remember you could always start one yourself!  Take your time in freshman year to try different options until you find one that fits your interests or sparks a new one. You can find the list of Stuy’s clubs and pubs here.

Also, don't be shy! If you don't feel comfortable going to a club meeting or have trouble choosing one, remember that your Big Sibs are here to help you adapt and find your niche at Stuy.

Once again, feel free to talk to any of your Big Sibs about anything you need or have trouble with: academic, social, personal, anything!  We have all been in your shoes and can give great advice on how to make your time at Stuy great. 

All the best,

Rick and the Big Sib Chairs

Posted on November 27, 2015 .

Big Sib Little Sib Dance Recap

Hey Class of 2019!

    We hope you all had a blast at the Big Sib Little Sib dance on Friday!!! It was a huge success — our lobby was transformed to an underwater party with balloons, streamers, lights, and the help of your trusty Big Sibs. The underwater theme was made all the more authentic by the fact that it was positively pouring outside, so some people who came in were soaking wet… But hopefully not too cold!
    We had tons of fun seeing your pictures with the mermaid photo cutout, and checking out everyone’s cool temporary tattoos, as well as watching all the snacks disappear! And of course, the best part was dancing the night away thanks to our amazing DJs, Lowell Weisbord and your very own Chair Rick Melucci. 
    We’ll try our best to organize another dance at the end of the year so we can come full circle with you guys and have just as good (if not better!) a time!

Lots of love,
Zoe and The Big Sib Chairs

Posted on October 14, 2015 .

Stuy Clubs and Pubs!

Hey Class of 2019! 

   You must have noticed a lot of advertisement around Stuy for a myriad of interest meetings for clubs, publications and sports.  These groups are amazing ways to meet many new people, explore your interests and they are really what make Stuy such a special place.  There are over 100 different clubs and pubs at Stuyvesant and over 32 varsity sports teams, and if you can’t seem to find a group that strikes your interest, you are more than welcome to get a group of friends and create your own club.  

   The club and pub fair, which will take place this Thursday October 1st, is a great way to meet members of each club and learn a little bit more about it.  Clubs are always excited to get new members so feel free to join at any point in the year. Feel free to ask your Big Sibs about the amazing clubs they’re a part of and how you can get involved.  

   Many students at Stuyvesant dedicate their time to giving back to the community and do so through the Red Cross Club or the Stuyvesant Key Club.  Both groups focus on community service projects and throughout the year participate in many great events all around the city. 

   Students interested in the theater, from performing  to directing as well as the technical side of it, take advantage of the great theater at Stuyvesant and often join the Stuyvesant Theater Community which puts on three productions each year.  The productions are amazing and completely student run from the sound and props to the producing.  

   In addition to the varied clubs Stuyvesant has to offer, there are also over 32 varsity sports teams.  Sports at Stuyvesant are split between the fall, winter and spring seasons and while they can be a large time commitment, they are great ways to create strong support systems within the school community.  If you are interested in joining, each team holds tryouts a few weeks before the seasons start.  Almost all coaches are teachers at Stuy and are always happy to talk about the upcoming season or answer any questions you may have.  

   The Stuyvesant Speech and Debate team draws many members of the Stuyvesant community.  Split into many smaller divisions, the joint teams travel the country, bring back many trophies and make Stuyvesant proud.  

   The student run school paper is another aspect of Stuy that makes it special.  The Stuyvesant Spectator is the pulse of the student body and is always in search of new writers and fresh ideas.  Beyond news coverage, The Spectator also covers sports, arts, and opinions. Additionally, students cover the layout, editing, and business aspects of running a paper.  

   While it may be difficult to not be overwhelmed by all the extracurriculars the school has to offer, remember that Stuyvesant is a place for you to discover new interests and explore old ones.  

   Find clubs, groups, or teams that you love and enjoy being a part of them!

Posted on September 27, 2015 .

Camp Stuy Part II Recap & First Day Expectations

Hey Class of 2019 — get ready to officially be freshmen!

   It was amazing seeing you all on Tuesday! Hopefully you felt like were able to get to know everyone better and get closer to your Big Sibs and each other. Remember, your homeroom will be an important part of the next four years! We hope it was also helpful to talk to your guidance counselors to learn more about how things work at Stuy. Feel free to stop by the guidance suite at any time – whether you need something or you just want to say hi! They are all always willing to talk to and support you.

   You should all have bought your hallway and Phys Ed lockers by now. You’re going to be sharing your hallway locker with someone else in the class of 2019 — it’s organized alphabetically. See if you can get to know your locker buddy! It can be fun to decorate, leave notes, and stash snacks in your locker together. Your Phys Ed locker is going to stay the same until the end of your junior year, so if for whatever reason you were not able to purchase it on Tuesday, stop by room 501 on the first day of school. If you were not able to buy your Physical Education uniform, you should also check up in room 501 or the school store.

   Also, we’ll be selling Big Sib handbooks for those of you who didn’t get them on the first day of school. We highly recommend that you buy one — we still have ours from when we were freshmen! We’ve worked incredibly hard to provide you with all kinds of useful information, such as advice from your Big Sibs, bell schedules, a list of places to eat in the neighborhood, an index of what’s on each floor, and more. You’ll be well equipped from the get-go if you have this as a reference!

   We hope you’re all excited for the first day of school! Homeroom begins at 8:35 on Wednesday. Your homeroom’s classroom can be found on a poster by the entrance of school that morning. You’ll receive your programs, IDs, and Metro cards, and have some time to talk to your Big Sibs. We’re really looking forward to seeing you!

   Remember to finish your math and science summer assignments and to bring them in on Wednesday. You should also bring your planner, a folder for handouts, loose leaf paper, and some pens or pencils. Your teachers will let you know what other supplies they’ll want you to have for class.

    We hope that you enjoy your last couple days of summer! Get some sleep, relax, and have tons of fun.


The Big Sib Chairs


Posted on September 7, 2015 .

Camp Stuy Part I Recap and What to Expect for Part II!

Hey Class of 2019!

      As the month comes to a close, incoming freshmen and sophomores have Camp Stuy Part II to look forward to! Incomers will be given a tour of the school and a chat with important administrators and student leaders. They’ll learn how to generally navigate their way through the building, including how to open their lockers and differentiate between bell times.  The purpose of Camp Stuy Part II is to ease the transition for new students, especially those who may be nervous for the first day. In store is plenty of time for Big Sibs and Little Sibs to get to know one another and forge everlasting bonds so, Little Sibs, don’t be afraid to ask questions! No question is a silly one—we’ve all been there and wondered about the eleventh floor swimming pool (Heads up: it’s not a thing)!

      The Big Sib Handbook will also be available for purchase during Camp Stuy Part II. In it contains all-important info about Stuyvesant, places to eat in the neighborhood, and advice about high school in general. It’s a great resource to have on hand; almost like having your Big Sibs in your pocket at all times!  

      Camp Stuy Part I also took place earlier this summer. Big Sibs and their Little Sibs met for the first time and Little Sibs took various exams, including the swim test and math and language placement exams. Unfortunately, incomers will not be notified of their course schedules during Camp Stuy Part II; you’ll just have to wait for the first day (although sometimes, a few days before school, schedules will go live online and can be accessed through a certain link that gets passed around Facebook groups)!

      Administrative offices will also be open and available for students to ask questions. Parents are highly encouraged to attend Parent Camp Stuy, held on September 2nd. This is a great opportunity for parents to meet with their child’s guidance counselor and principal for the next four years, as well as meet Big Sibs and other student leaders. New Stuy parents and old timers alike are all welcome!

      And lastly, enjoy the last weeks of summer! On behalf of your Big Sibs, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


The Big Sib Chairs


Posted on August 31, 2015 .

Welcome to our Blog!

Hey Class of 2019!

      Welcome to Stuyvesant High School, and to the new Big Sib website and blog! Get ready for an incredibly intense, challenging, rewarding, and exciting four years. Your Big Sibs will always be here to help you along the way!

      To jump start your high school career, we’ve expanded on the Big Sib program in order to provide you with as much support, relief, and fun as possible. The first thing to take note of is our new and improved website. We’ve added new features to keep you updated on what’s going on at Stuy and how we can help you.

      In this blog, which you can find in the “Little Sib Corner” tab, we’ll post information about current events at Stuy and any tricky logistics of the school – how classes, extracurriculars, etc. work. In the Little Sib Corner you’ll also see the Big Sib Guru tab: this is where you can submit any questions or dilemmas that you need advice on at any time, either anonymously or not, and we’ll make sure we answer with as much information as possible.

      Current Big Sibs will find in their section of the website that they can check their attendance and submit suggestions for how we can further improve the program. We value your feedback!

You can also check out each of the Chair’s bios to learn more about us!

      We look forward to seeing you all at Camp Stuy Part II, where we’ll be able to relax more than we did at Camp Stuy Part I and just hang out and get to know each other. We’ll also meet important faculty, such as your wonderful guidance counselors and the heads of each department, who will tell you about all the amazing academic options offered at Stuy. It’s a great opportunity to become comfortable and friendly with people you’ll be seeing every day very soon! We’re incredibly eager for the upcoming year and the change it’s bringing, and we hope that we can make your freshman experience the best it can be.

See you soon, and get excited!


The Big Sib Chairs

Posted on August 31, 2015 .