Second week are you ready?

Hey everyone!

We hope that you've all had an amazing first week at school , and that you've got to see what Stuy is really like! New friends, new teachers, new environment, this is a really exciting time of the year.

We have great news for you, and it's that the BIG SIB LITTLE SIB DANCE has officially been scheduled for OCTOBER 7th! We encourage every single one of you to come, it's a great chance to have fun and dance with your big sibs, your new friends, or to meet all new friends! Listen closely to the announcements in the coming weeks, as you'll get more information about the specifics of the dance. We will have live music, food, and it will be an all around great time!  

Here are some reminders from last week's blog that you should still be looking out for!

  • The Club/Pub Charters have been released. If you are the president of a club and you need to renew your charter, please do so. If you want to start a new club, please acquire a faculty advisor and fill out the charter.
  • The tentative date for the Club/Pub Fair is currently September 30, which is the last Friday of September! Many clubs will be present so everyone should attend and gauge their interests! Remember, you may sign up for as many clubs as you want and give them a try and see what you like.

Have a great week everyone!

- BIg Sib Chairs

Posted on September 18, 2016 .