Happy First Week

Hi everyone!

We hope everyone had an amazing first week of school and are getting a peek of what Stuy is like. Stuyvesant High School has been our home for over three years now and we hope that all of our amazing Little Sibs will accept it as there's. It's truly a great place with amazing opportunities! We have a few things that we have coming up:

  • Schedule changes will be finalized this coming Friday! This week, if you need any changes on your schedules, please see your guidance counselors to make them. Again, Friday is the last day for any and all changes to your schedules.
  • The Club/Pub Charters have been released. If you are the president of a club and you need to renew your charter, please do so. If you want to start a new club, please acquire a faculty advisor and fill out the charter.
  • The tentative date for the Club/Pub Fair is currently September 30, which is the last Friday of September! Many clubs will be present so everyone should attend and gauge their interests! Remember, you may sign up for as many clubs as you want and give them a try and see what you like.

One final thing: Stay tuned for the date and details for our annual BIG SIB LITTLE SIB DANCE!! This is a free dance for Little Sibs and Big Sibs and is always LOTS OF FUN! It's an amazing way to meet new people and have fun with your friends!

We hope you all have an amazing second week!
-Big Sib Chairs

Posted on September 11, 2016 .