It's Over

Hey guys,

I'm sure today was a rather bittersweet day for everyone. 

Incoming Freshmen, you're going to be entering some of the best years in your life. The transition into Stuy will be tough, as all transitions are. However, we Big Sibs are all here to help you succeed and if you have any troubles, don't even hesitate for one second to reach out to us. Your Big Sibs are there to provide amazing advice as mentors and friends and we're all ecstatic to see you guys at Camp Stuy Part II!! Stay tuned for your packages that will come in the mail :)

Current freshmen, you're going to be entering sophomore year this next school year. One of the biggest challenges of this year is resisting the urge to just slack off. Please do your best to fight this urge because it will be so worth it. Sophomore year can be both fun and academically rewarding so just keep fighting on!

Sophomores, you will be entering junior year aka "the hardest year". Please don't let this get to your head because this year can also be one of your most fun filled years ever. Through the tough times you will find your closest friends and all of those hang outs just seem so much more rewarding. Savor this coming year and take classes you ENJOY not classes you think colleges would like to see. And remember, your mental health is infinite times more important than your grades. We were all just in your position and we can guarantee it's not too bad (ALSO GO TO JPROM IT'S A GREAT TIME).

Juniors, we're gonna be entering the last year wow. Let's not think about colleges and what not and enjoy ^_^

Seniors... Good bye. Good bye Rose, good bye Philip, good bye Zoe, good bye Rick, good bye Shannon. Good bye all seniors. You have all influenced how the years under you act and have served as amazing role models. Make sure to come visit on Alumni days! 

Regents week is coming up so good luck everybody!!

Your friendly neighborhood toilets


Posted on June 13, 2016 .