Electives Are Awesome!

Hi everyone!

You’ve made it to Spring Break! Congrats, almost done with your freshman year ;) Spend some time this week relaxing, sleeping and hanging out. This is also a great time to get on top of your work and study for your finals, so keep that in mind! 

As some of you may know, during your sophomore year you can take electives! For the most part, sophomore electives are science classes in specific subjects that you are not required to take. If you are interested in the sciences, this is a great opportunity to explore more specialized subjects. If you are interested in AP Biology, you need to take two prerequisites in order to be qualified for the class. You can also take co-requisites, which is when you take the elective while taking the class that requires it. Regardless of which path you are interested in taking, it’s a good idea to start look at the available electives now: 

Molecular Genetics
Medical Human GeneticsGenetics Research

Biological Lab Techniques

Vertebrate Zoology

Human Diseases

Molecular Science

Topics in Neurobiology

A google form regarding class selections will be sent out soon! Make sure to check your stuy.edu email periodically so you don’t miss anything!

Also, don’t forget that report cards are coming out after break. Remember that 2nd marking period grades are usually a little bit lower, and there is PLENTY of time to improve. Ask your Big Sibs for tips!

There is also an SLT Meeting on Tuesday, May 10th in room 107! Feel free to stop by and listen to what is going on and changing at Stuyvesant. Get involved :)

Happy Spring Break! And remember: don’t be afraid to reach out to your Big Sibs if you have any questions. We are here to the help!!!

- Your 16'-17' Big Sib Chairs <3


Posted on April 22, 2016 .